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Dr. Laya Joneydi and Associates International Law Firm (hereinafter JAALO formerly known as Joneydi & Associates Law Office),founded in 1999 is a cross  border law practice, innovative and  flexible law firm, focusing on delivering effective and  reliable legal advisory and representation services to the Clients.

We, at JAALO,  are committed  to tailor the services  to the specific requirements of the Clients and provide to the point advices. Through a  network of legal  firms in almost  any  jurisdiction, we have  the capability to offer comprehensive and reliable legal  support in any cross-border transaction, no matter how complex it may be.

Our  Clients,  range from large  international companies to  emerging start-ups and  individuals and also from governmental to  public and private  entities.

They come from various industries,such as oil, gas, power, water, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, insurance, banking,  high technology  and renewable energy sectors.

We strongly believe that the quality of the service that we offer our clients is above all else.We know that, it is what is important to our clients and  that knowledge and execution is what sets us apart from our competitors.

JAALOs mission, is to protect interest of our clients, understand their business objectives, meet and exceed their expectations observing all professional moral values. Indeed, professionalism means that we always strive to seek the optimal solutions for our Clients. We, therefore, commit ourselves to:

Provide our services diligently and with the highest level of professional integrity.

Ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services by: treating them in a proper, fair, impartial and courteous manner; aiming, where possible to meet any exceptional needs for our clients; enhance speed, quality of our services, accuracy, efficiency and flexibility in provision of our services to our clients.

Be a solution-oriented Law Firm;

JAALOs vision, is to be the leading Law Firm of excellence in Iran and Middle East and Central Asia, delivering world-class legal expertise while focusing on innovation, high professional standards and results for our clients.


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Dr. Laya Joneydi\Founder


Khatere Joneydi/ Partner


Dr. Shahbazi/ Partner


Dr. Sahranavard/ Partner